Kaitlyn Carr-Kiprotich

Navigating Race and Ethnicity  
9” x 9” (10” x 10” framed)  
paper collage  
$300 each

Navigating Race and Ethnicity is an ongoing paper collage series documenting lived realities and  family memories shared with her husband. Some of the scenes are pleasant, while others are  not. The range of viewers’ reactions that arise when seeing an interracial couple, no matter the  scenario, is an integral part of this work. Carr-Kiprotich wants to draw viewers in and give them the chance to create their own meaning through the ambiguity of the figures and mundanity of  the subject matter.

Each paper collage is hand cut then carefully layered and glued. The process is slow and allows  ample time for self-reflection on marriage, race, and ethnicity. The patterns nod towards African culture and the unrealistic, intense colors reference a personal naivety towards conceptions of race and its place in our world.  

Carr-Kiprotich’s goal is for the viewer to engage with her in thinking about race and its place in American society, especially in rural Oregon where this work is based, and consider their own history and experiences.