Mary Evans

She first appeared to me in a vision on the night of Samhain many years ago. Who I would come to know as Gertrude. Wearing mostly black with a Victorian up-do she is still and illuminated in a vast and deep dark. Tucked in her bible she reveals to me her “secret pages,” her channelings. In her lifetime she was afraid of what it meant. She informs me that it’s safe for me to practice and receive these messages openly. I keep her in a cloud with the others. They normally appear in five and sometimes six. Not all of them are in what we would consider “human” form. They are my waking dreamscape. The walking temple where all becomes believable.

Mary Evans is an artist and intuitive whose work focuses on communications with the spirit realm. With a focus on craft and D.I.Y practices, she explores ideas of consciousness and spirituality through interdisciplinary practice. Most known for her work in modern New Age, Evans has self-published six tarot and oracle card decks under the moniker Spirit Speak. These works have recently been acknowledged by The Whitney Museum, Vogue Magazine, and Oprah Magazine. Evans graduated in 2012 from The Evergreen State College with a BFA in Printmaking and is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Oregon. In recent studies, Evans explores the histories of CIA psychic research, Angelic interventions, Ancient Stargates, and Spiritual metamorphosis through the lens of the butterfly.