Perry Johnson

acrylic on canvas  
16” x 20”  
NFS ($350 valuation)

Perry had just ended a mentorship with Alexander Eister when he then enrolled in his painting class.  During their mentorship, Perry focused on more detailed images and paintings. Then, in his painting class  with Alexander he decided to paint his own hand in a fist. This painting is one of his most striking images.

Self Portrait
acrylic on canvas  
24” x 30”  

A stare into the camera, without glasses, Perry painted this large self-portrait with his unique take on self.  It shows his age, and with trademark clouds and sun, which if you look carefully, is in many of his  paintings.  

John Lewis, Black Lives Matter
acrylic on canvas  
28” x 24”  
NFS ($350 valuation)

Perry spent much of the summer of 2020 at home, making art there. It wasn’t until late summer that Perry  was able to come work in the OSLP Arts & Culture studio again. This was the first piece he created when he did—an image of John Lewis, who had just passed away. Part of this painting is of John Lewis receiving the Presidential Medal of Honor from Barack Obama.