May 6, 2020
The R.A.W. PostLibrary is opening . . . slowly. Much more slowly than the rate at which the apple blossoms from the tree above it have burst open and invited pollination and begun fluttering down all around, all over the ground. 

At present, opening but slowly, the R.A.W. PostLibrary holds not volumes of text but volumes of flowing time.

Posts are made to hold things, maybe more so bodies (in or out?). A good post is sunk deep and sturdy, but the spaces between them are porous. Very porous, indeed. So here at the R.A.W., in the midst of newfangled flows of time and barbed questions of what “staying-home” means, we are presently pondering the question of how posts—and, for that matter, postlibraries--might hold and exchange volumes of impossible flowing time, be they sluggish and strained or furiously fast as raindrops and appleblossoms.

So we invite you to watch this space as we explore together the questionable holdings of posts, and the flowing spaces between, as the slow opening of the R.A.W. PostLibrary rolls on in seasons of uncertainty. . . .