Reflections Space: OPEN

Nov 2 – Dec 21, 2020

In partnership with City of Eugene Cultural Services and BRIDGE Exhibitions, Eugene Contemporary Art is pleased to present Reflections Space: OPEN, featuring video work by Gray Space Project members Michael Boonstra, Vicki Amorose, Andy Myers, Leah Wilson, Renee Couture, and Sandee McGee.

Videos are projected in the windows of our downtown gallery space ANTI-AESTHETIC and visible from the street starting at dusk each evening.

As our community emerges from quarantine, it will engage once again with familiar locations. Visitors and those who live and work in the Downtown Eugene area will experience its space differently and anew. The relationship of self to place is critical and it is important to reclaim and refresh those locations in order to build meaning and heal over time. To stand in front of a video screen for reflection is comparable to reflecting on mnemonic devices in illuminated manuscripts or other historic and meditative traditions. Art has the ability to change one’s perception and develop insight. At its best it is simultaneously an intimate and a universal experience, and transcends that which separates or partitions us off from one another.

The intention of the project is to engage with viewers and leave them with open-ended questions about place and longing for their personal reflection and individual response.

Viewers are asked to respond to the question “What do you long for?” at Answers can be anonymous, and will be used as part of the online documentation of this project at