Vicki Krohn Amorose

Dollhouse Manifesto

The artist does not take herself too seriously. The artist searches for objects and the objects appear, wanting to be placed. Just so. The question to guide the artist is simply this: What pleases the dollhouse mind? The dollhouse mind takes the things the artist cannot throw away. The art of collage reveals nested realities and helps the artist to discover again and again that personal control and outward creation are not one and the same. Construct a geometry where a dreamworld can set up house. Give shelter to thought forms collected from intuitive dimensions and subconscious meanderings. Here, slippery ideas are glued down. Magnetic detritus settles to reveal sigils. Walls of constant shimmer bear the load of memory and tiny windows are enough to see another world. This is a place of exquisite remembering and ecstatic forgetting, a prophecy in past tense. If you cannot free your imagination today, go to sleep. If nothing more, float the furniture. Edit your automatic writing, all the while knowing this to be ridiculous. Be here in this perception before it disappears, for we are woven and broken every second. In any given sphere, the light is ever changing and the laughter more important than all we think we know. Art is magic, strength is required.

Vicki Krohn Amorose is the author of Art Write: The Writing Guide for Visual Artists. For the exhibit Architecture of Dreams, she broke most of the rules in her own book and she feels satisfied with that. Vicki is a visual and performance artist who writes and teaches. She engages with her local artist community as a member of Eugene Contemporary Art and Gray Space Project and with a global artist community as faculty at Professional Artist Institute. She holds degrees in History of Art from University of Michigan and Fine Art from Academy of Art University San Francisco. Her current fascination is the philosophy of Surrealism.