EXUBERANCE: Sound, Color, Light & Movement in Artists’ Film and Video

Summer is here! The sun is high in the sky and seems in no rush to dip to the other side of the horizon. In that radiant spirit, each of the twelve films and videos in the Exuberance program brims with its own unique energy. Some are dizzying, others meditative. Some are unabashedly joyful while others explore complexities of grief. All of the artists handle the tools and materials of sound, color, light, and movement to create powerful sensory offerings.

The following films were screened on July 7, 2022, at the Broadway Metro in Eugene, OR, as part of the second screening in the time/space screening series curated by Julie Perini and presented by Eugene Contemporary Art.

The Exuberance program is available for viewing until August 11, 2022. Read more about the time/space screening series here.

Mary Evans, 2021, 3 minutes & 18 seconds

Stara, a teen-witch pop-star performs MIRACLES. Miracles is a type of mantra and a manifestation using pop frequency for positivity. Anything is possible if you believe in M-I-R-A-C-L-E-S

Celia’s Dream
Victor A. Martin, 2021, 5 minutes & 57 seconds

A highly vibrant experimental piece about an awakening of the mind and the collective consciousness.

Portfolio: https://vicmartin000.myportfolio.com/work
IG: @therealvictormartin
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCMb7PDcsK16fjDwJSsX6VWA

What [in my nature] is dying
Rana San, 2020, 1 minute & 22 seconds

On my birthday I arrive at the ocean, previous night’s dream in tow. The film, wrapped around a circular glass pane, loops back on itself—exposed in the exposure under layers of sun-baked lemon lavender, topped with sand and salt water. 16mm cyanotype capsule of a solar return.

Isa Ramos, 2020, 1 minute & 9 seconds

Honey is a love letter to queer villains. A short stop-motion and live-action film where I try to unpack what makes a villain and how queerness is often an accompanying attribute.

Miles Sprietsma, 2008, 4 minutes & 34 seconds
*This film contains flashing lights which may affect viewers with photo sensitivities.

The streets of Portland become a physical adventure through the collapse of cinematic time and space.

Livin’ in the Light
Onry, 2021, 4 minutes & 8 seconds

Livin' in the Light is a music video for a new original single by Onry, who has been singing in Portland during quarantine and leading civil rights protests as one of the only Black male professional opera singers in the Pacific Northwest.

Only Love Is Forever
David Koteen, 2021, 4 minutes & 12 seconds

In the midst of Covid pandemic, Jonathan Zay and I met weekly to continue our practice of Contact Improvisation. With artistic support from Ashley Haber (video) and Dave Snider (music) we achieved our goal: only love is forever.

Life is a gift
gloria joy kazuko muhammad and mu knowles, 2021, 3 minutes & 13 seconds

what does it mean to be liberated? to be free? for yourself and those you love? In Life is a gift, mu knowles (born & raised on the hilltop in tacoma, wa) takes us on a journey through these questions. this film was co-directed by gloria joy kazuko muhammad and mu knowles as a part of the iMPACT LENS Narrative Justice HILLTOPIA Film Fellowship.

Tape Loop Orchestra
Randall Taylor, 2020, 3 minutes & 41 seconds

This piece uses individual parts recorded to physical tape loops to create a sonic tapestry of future sounds. Each loop is brought in and out through the audio mixer and is "conducted" to create what I lovingly call the "Tape Loop Orchestra."

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